Pauleen Luna's Birthday

Photos from Pauleen Luna's Birthday Party, not really a party but more of a get together with her Eat Bulaga family.

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Jamilla Obispo Sexy Pose

Hot mama Jamilla Obispo - I wonder what's up with Jamilla Obispo nowadays.

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Why Did Showtime Got Suspended Because of Osang

Here's the reason why Showtime got suspended! In the that episode of Showtime, Osang was asking the contestant who's from Calamba, Laguna why Jose Rizal got the name Jose Protacio Rizal when his father is Francisco Mercado and her mother is Teodora Alonso. When the contestant failed to answer, Osang replied "Murahin mo teacher mo... etc." Watch the video below for the complete wordings.

Sexy Cosplayer Alodia Gosengfiao as Judge

We're used to see Alodia Gosengfiao as Cosplay participant but this time, she's one of the judges. I like her more being the Cosplayer rather than as one of the judges.

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Sam Pinto - Latest Evictee from PBB House (and we hate it)

Sam Pinto - latest evictee of PBB Double Up edition. Oh no, this can't be happening. Sam Pinto getting evicted from PBB. Why not Johan instead? Oh my. She's the only girl worth watching in PBB, next to Princess Manozon. We mourned when Princess got evicted, we'll mourn again this time that Sam Pinto is no longer inside the house. We're sorry for Sam and the rest of PCOnliners who watch PBB because of her.

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Sam Pinto - Latest Evictee, sexy photos of Sam Pinto

The Miriam Quiambao Sexy Photos

Sexy photos of Miriam Quiambao - nothing more.

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Sexy Miriam Quiambao, pinay celebrity

Ynez Veneracion - Where Is She Now?

I wonder where Ynez Veneracion is nowadays? The last thing we heard from her was when she broke up with Nino Mulach.

Anyway, here's Ynez Veneracion bikini photos from before. 2 more sexy photos of Ynez Veneracion inside-> I'm sure you'd wish you're the one in the last photo with her or at least one of the hands in there, hehe.